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"In our opinion, a summer house should be a place where you go like going on a holiday and where you will have the comfort of a 5 star hotel in the convenience of your home. It should just please you and should make you experience the summer all the time. It should be taken care of as if you take care of it yourself so you can find your house the way you left it even when you cannot come for a long time. As a matter of fact, it should be easily rented for the months you choose if that's what you want. Because we think a summer house shouldn't be a burden on you."

Free VIP Shuttle
Being Welcomed in the Airport. Shuttle to Our Private Landing and Our Center
Let Us Clean Your House Before You Come
Let Us Shop for You from Our Marketplace
Let Us Bring Your Meal from Our Restaurant to Your Flat
Technical Service All Year Round
Pool, Landscaping and Garden Maintenance
Request, Information and Assistance Line Round the Clock
Concierge Service Active Web Page Reservation, Tickets, Organization
Security for 24 Hours In and Out of Season
Live Online Streaming for 24 Hours with the Surveillance Cameras
Let Us Lease It for You
Let Us Manage Your Flat in a Hotel Concept