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32 pools of 2,000 square meters in total and a waterfall area of 350 meters wide and 1,000 square meters in total.

You are inside a facility which is built in the most beautiful form of modern architecture where anything you want is immediately served and you'll have a fresh mind with a unique scenery of nature and the sea where you can indulge yourself with the flamingos that will make you feel like you are in the tropics, the Spa center where you can find every luxury, the restaurant, 32 infinity pools, pool lodges, hot tub in the balconies, massage and reiki.

Welcome to Bodrum Modern.

You can watch the flamingos
in the natural preservation area

The largest golf field in the area right across your lodging

The pleasure of hot tub in your terrace which is the size of a hall

The Comfort of
Spa and Massage

You can enjoy yourself by the pool in front of your house
Private pool in front of each block

Convenience of Lodge inside the Pool

Privilege of a Special Landing Beach

Fitness & Yoga & Reiki